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***~~**CUNNING is LIVE!**~~**

I promised that you would receive all FIVE books in the INFIDELITY series 3 - 4 months apart...well, guess what? It's time for book 2 - CUNNING!

In book 1, BETRAYAL, we met Lennox "Nox" Demetri and Alexandria "Charli" Collins. Their time together was fun, hot, and sexy.

As we left Nox and Charli at the end of Betrayal, the rules had changed!

Now it's time for those new's time to learn more about Nox, Charli, and the cast of characters in INFIDELITY...(Don't let the title scare you. It isn't what you think. This series does not advocate cheating)


"He owns you. Whatever he tells you to do you do".

One year. No future. A past that won't go away.

Lennox "Nox" Demetri broke his own rule by making a deal. It may not have been directly with the devil, but that doesn't mean Satan himself isn't watching. Was it fate that brought Charli into his life and his bed? What will happen when rules are broken and secrets are revealed?

"New rules."

Alex "Charli" Collins found pleasure with Nox like she'd never known. That was before she knew his last name. Now that Infidelity is involved and the rules have changed, what will result when real life and fantasy collide?

Is it really cheating if you're doing it to yourself?

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a sexy, new dominant hero who knows what he wants and a strong-willed heroine who has plans of her own. With classic Aleatha Romig twists, turns, deceptions, and devotions, the depth of this new, epic dark romance reaches new levels and will have readers swooning one minute and screaming the next.

Have you been Aleatha'd?

CUNNING is a full-length novel, 300+ pages, and the second of five books in the INFIDELITY series.

Infidelity - it isn't what you think.


CUNNING, book 2:

BETRAYAL, book 1:

What some of you favorite authors are saying about CUNNING:

"Get ready to jump into the wicked brilliance of Aleatha Romig. Cunning is a stellar blend of secrets, lies, and smoldering characters. There is no putting it down!" - New York Times bestselling author A.L. Jackson

"Betrayal was the introduction and Cunning is the first glimpse behind the curtain with intrigue from all avenues. Nox is still dirty and delicious but this is more than just a's addictive." ~ New York Times Bestselling author Pepper Winters

"Heart racing, shocking, and sexy, Cunning will have you reeling with emotion and hungry for more Nox and Charli." ~ USA Today Bestselling author Rebecca Shea

"Brilliant with a gripping story, sure to stir your every emotion. One of my top favorites, and with my head bowed to my feet, Nox moves Anthony from his pedestal. I love him!" (Sorry Tony) ~ Bestselling author Jettie Woodruff

"Aleatha Romig immerses the reader into a world of intrigue and romance, suspense and mystery. I was immediately caught up in the story that had me guessing and addicted from page one. The sexual tension between Nox and Charli is heightened and their relationship deepened as the layers of betrayal are revealed chapter after chapter. Cunning is beautifully written and is a smashing addition to the Infidelity Series." ~New York Times Bestselling author S.L. Scott.

Find out for yourself today!!!!


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