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By now you may have heard of COCKTALES.

Cocktales is an anthology conceived by our mastermind member of the Cocky Collective, Penny Reid. While the concept was her brain child...and if you know her, you know she's super smart...the other members of the collective came along willingly. Some were asked to participate while others volunteered.

You see, this is about more than writing a brand new story in a week, it is about standing up to the injustice we all witnessed in the book world. It is about coming together as a community to fight the obstruction of creative freedom.

And it is truly a defining moment in our world.

While we're all proud to be a small part of the Cocky Collective, we're more excited to be a part of this community of authors, readers, bloggers, and simply well-wishers. The support has been tremendous and now, it seems only appropriate to share what's new in the life of the Cocky Collective.

You see, we are authors of various genres and we have other books.

Please take a look at many of our most recent releases and continue this support!

(More will be added, so please come back and keep checking!)

Thank you!

The following recent releases appear in no particular order:

Good Girl: Jana Aston

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Cutting Edge: C.d. Reiss

Envy: Dylan Allen

Natural K.P. Breene

ATTICUS – S. Bennett

ANOTHER ONE – Aleatha Romig

Piece of Work – Staci Hart

Cross – Adriana Locke

Wait With Me – Amy Daws

One Last Time – Corinne Michaels

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The Dating Experiment – Emma Hart

Defile – Jessica Prince

The Real – Kate Stewart

Long Shot – Kennedy Ryan

Dirty Exes- Rachel VanDyken

Marek – Sawyer Bennett

Sinner – Sierra Simone

Pieces of Eight – Whitney Barbetti

One Baby Daddy - Meghan Quinn

In Bed With the Beast – Tara Sivec

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Safe Haven by Red Phoenix

UP TO YOU by Daisy Prescott is available now!

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