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Social Distance...but not from fictional characters.

Are you inside?

Are you doing your part to contain the current situation?

I want to help.

First, if you haven't downloaded them, I have THREE books that are completely FREE! They are free on all sales channels and you can download them from your favorite today.

SECRETS: book #1 Web of Sin.

Set in the dark and dangerous underground of Chicago.

Sterling Sparrow has waited nearly two decades to claim his queen, the woman born to rule beside him. His wait is over. Lured back to the city she'd been warned to never return, Kennedy is offered something she never knew existed, knowledge about herself. Will she listen to a decades old wise-tale or will she learn her own secrets?

BETRAYAL: book #1 Infidelity series (not about cheating)

ONE WEEK- NO FUTURE- NO PAST...A chance meeting with the sexy mysterious alpha, Nox Demetri, leads to off the chart chemistry, showing Alexandria Collins a new side to life. What will happen when the week is over?

Dubbed #2 to read after Fifty Shades by Redbook Magazine. "This sexy saga will leave you hot and bothered and begging for more."

CONSEQUENCES: book #1 Consequences series

Every action has consequences. Waking in an unfamiliar bedroom in a luxurious mansion, Claire Nichols discovers that a chance encounter led her into the hands of her manipulating abductor, Anthony Rawlings. Claire has no understanding of why she’s there, but it’s been made abundantly clear—she is now his acquisition and every action has consequences.

Now...for something totally unusual.

First, let me explain. I promised my reader many years ago to NEVER discount a book that isn't at least 6 months old. I just find it upsetting to purchase something when it releases for full price and then to have it go on sale. Therefore, I made a promise. To date, many of my books have never been discounted.

Currently, I am in the middle of releasing my latest "Sparrow Web" Web of Desire.

SPARK and FLAME are available and ASHES is coming soon!

I am so excited about this, I want to do something totally out of character. I want to GIVE you, for FREE, book #1, Spark. I only ask that you only download if you haven't already bought. There are a limited number (200) of these copies available. The link will expire by the end of the week.

Our world is undergoing a difficult time. It is a small way, but I want to help. If the crisis isn't affecting you, maybe you'd rather purchase and leave the free one for someone else. If it will help you in any way, you plan to continue Patrick's story (one day), and you could use a twisted, heartwrenching, and dangerous sexy second chance romance...then your copy today.

This is being given via a Bookfunnel link. I will NOT ask you for your email or any other information. I only ask that you download and get lost in Patrick and Maddie's story.

SPARK: book #1 Web of Desire

He hasn't seen Madeline in seventeen years. She didn't know he was still alive. Their connection is as strong as reality, the spark they had nearly two decades before is on the verge of creating a fire that could consume not only them but all the Sparrows and leave them in Ashes.

**What if I haven't read any of the other Sparrow Webs?

Each trilogy is the complete story of ONE couple: Sterling and Araneae, Kader/Mason and Laurel, and Patrick and Madeline.

Ideally, reading them in order of release would keep the reader up to date on all characters, BUT...this is big...each trilogy can be read independently! SECRETS for FREE and take this opportunity to get a FREE ($3.99) copy of SPARK.

Go ahead and jump into Patrick and Madeline's story...because...I am so in love with this story I want everyone to read!

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