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Brand new releases! Your weekend is booked << see what I did?

This has been a crazy week with not one but two brand new releases!

I didn't want you to miss them!

First, UNDENIABLE...which is FREE to read on Kindle Unlimited.

Undeniable is a new standalone in my INDULGENCE series. A bit of disclosure, my Indulgence series is not like my dark and dangerous romance. Indulgence is simply ... to Indulge. It's "over the top," "super sexy," "a bit insta or cheesy" and a whole lot of "fun." I wrote these stories as a fun escape for me...I hope you'll read and enjoy them for the same reason.

These stories will leave your e-reader over heated and a big grin on your lips!

If that sounds good to you, check out the newest edition UNDENIABLE.

My second release was DARK FAIRY TALES! DARK FAIRY TALES is an anthology with ELEVEN brand new fairy tale retellings from your favorite dark romance authors! The collection includes stories from:

Skye Warren, Celia Aaron, T.M Frazier, Willow Winters, CJ Roberts, Karina Halle, Sierra Simone, Natasha Knight, Cora Reilly, Marty Valentine, and me...Aleatha Romig.

My addition to this amazing collection is a modern day CINDERELLA, set in my dark and dangerous Sparrow Web world. It's okay if you haven't read any of the Sparrow Webs (Web of Sin, Tangled Web, or Web of Desire) because my story, Danger's First Kiss, takes place 6 years before book one, SECRETS (FREE everywhere).

Danger's First kiss is the story of Lorna and Reid's first meeting...and you don't want to miss Cinderella at the ball!

DARK FAIRY TALES is a limited time release, so be sure to grab your copy today!

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