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Binge all Aleatha Titles in Kindle Unlimited

I did it. I've fought Kindle Unlimited for all twelve years of my career. Okay, maybe not twelve, but since the subscription service came into being.

Why fight it?

I've been eternally grateful to ALL my readers, those who read on Kindle, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, and more. I am still thankful.

The thing is that the world has gone to subscription services. When I was younger, all my television shows were on regular channels and then came HBO and Netflix.

For those who aren't familiar, Kindle Unlimited is like Netflix for books. For a monthly fee, you may access and read as many books that are in Kindle Unlimited as you'd like. You can hold up to twenty books in your library. Once you're done, you turn them back in and go to the next.

I realize not all my readers are in Kindle Unlimited. I also understand that over the last few years, money has gotten increasingly tight. Spending $5.99 or $4.99 a book adds up. You may still purchase books as usual from Amazon.

But with a simple subscription of $9.99 per month plus tax (I get NO money from this shout out) you can access ALL of my books. ALL. That means 48 individual titles and 8 box sets. AND you can access literally over a million other titles. Along with that you can listen to unlimited audio books on any device.

*You may even qualify for a free trial.

*Check out this discount ( 2 years for $5.99 per month)!! You can even gift it to yourself.

What if I don't have a kindle?

You can read all books on Kindle including those that aren't in Kindle Unlimited with a free Kindle app on your phone, tablet, or iPad. Check it out here.

Can I still purchase print books?

Yes, no change at all. All print books are available on all sales platforms.

Can I still purchase print and audio?

Yes, no change at all. Available from all platforms.

What about upcoming new releases?

At this time, I will accept wide pre-orders, meaning from Amazon, Nook, Apple, Kobo, and Google Play. However, upon release, the book will be moved from all the other platforms into Kindle Unlimited. If you want to read on another platform, be sure to pre-order.

Taking my ENTIRE LIBRARY into Kindle Unlimited is a giant step. I'm a bit nervous. So if you're with me, please hold my hand and let's find a world of books together!

SCROLL all the way down... I have a LOT of books!

~Aleatha Romig



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