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HEAT advisory for the Sin Series

The SIN series has gotten hotter!

**Melting warning for Northern Wisconsin

The new "alternative" covers for the Sin series paperbacks are so hot, they will melt Van and Julia's snow globe!

*Original covers are still available

GET YOUR ALTERNATE SIN series covers today:

RED SIN - FREE for a limited time:

Have you been considering the Sin Series?

You're hearing all the talk about Julia and Van and you want to find out for yourself?

FOR A LIMITED TIME, RED SIN (ebook) is FREE on all sales platforms.

This sale will not be permanent, so grab your copy today and be ready for the dramatic conclusion of BLACK KNIGHT, coming soon!

BLACK KNIGHT the dramatic conclusion will be live in LESS than three weeks!

It's time to BINGE the Sin series and find out why everyone is talking about Van and Julia!


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