Devil's Deal / Fate's Demand

DEVIL'S DEAL is a full-length novel that continues the story that began with the novalla, FATE'S DEMAND, originally appearing in the Bookworm Box anthology ONE MORE STEP as THE DEAL.

If you enjoyed Rett and Emma in FATE'S DEMAND/The Deal, you don't want to miss DEVIL'S DEAL.

       Fate's Demand

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          Release: March 18, 2021

Stepping into the city limits, the vibes of New Orleans infiltrate the thoughts and feelings of each unsuspecting individual.

Twinkling lights.

Copious amounts of alcohol.


Ghost stories of lore.

As Emma waits for a business meeting, those ingredients are there, in the heavy air and circulating through her bloodstream. Until everything changes.


Everett Ramses is tall, dark, and mysterious.

He’s more than that.

According to him...he is Emma’s fate.


And he has a demand.


Will she run, or will she find out what fate’s demand has in store?


“FATE’S DEMAND” is an intriguing meeting to whet readers’ appetite for more of an all-new dark-romance world by New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig. Get ready to love and hate, to swoon and swear...Rett Ramses will bring out all the emotions.

       Devil's Deal 

I’m Everett Ramses, son of Abraham, and I am the devil.

I took my rightful place as king of New Orleans.

Now, my realm is threatened by a man with false claims to the Boudreau family.

I know what I must have to secure my empire—who I must have.

The rightful daughter of Isaiah Boudreau, Emma North, must be my wife.


Together we will reign stronger than ever before. But first, she must take the devil’s deal.

               Pre-order links 
          Release: May 18, 2021
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