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       Devil's Series (Duet)

" I absolutely love Rett and Emma. The chemistry and the passion between the two of them is off the charts and kindle melting. However, as Emma discovers more information about her past will she be able to trust Rett and will they have the chance to rule New Orleans together?

“From page one Angel’s Promise had me on the edge of my seat. As new things were revealed and twists and turns occurred in the story I was hooked, I got completely sucked into this story. From the story to the relationship between Rett and Emma this story and this duet is completely addicting.

If you’re looking for a romantic suspense with insane chemistry this is one to check out
!” ~ Book Addict Reviews 5 star Goodreads  Review

BINGE TODAY: Fate's Demand (prequel), Devil's Deal, and Angel's Promise all complete.

       Fate's Demand ( prequel)


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Stepping into the city limits, the vibes of New Orleans infiltrate the thoughts and feelings of each unsuspecting individual.

Twinkling lights.

Copious amounts of alcohol.


Ghost stories of lore.

As Emma waits for a business meeting, those ingredients are there, in the heavy air and circulating through her bloodstream. Until everything changes.


Everett Ramses is tall, dark, and mysterious.

He’s more than that.

According to him...he is Emma’s fate.


And he has a demand.


Will she run, or will she find out what fate’s demand has in store?


“FATE’S DEMAND” is an intriguing meeting to whet readers’ appetite for more of an all-new dark-romance world by New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig. Get ready to love and hate, to swoon and swear...Rett Ramses will bring out all the emotions.

       Devil's Deal - book #1

I'm Everett “Rett” Ramses.


New Orleans is my world, my realm, and my domain.

After what I've done, some people say I’m the devil.

I say I'm a man who knows what he wants, and nothing stops me from getting what I desire.

I took New Orleans, and now I want Emma O’Brien.

As the daughter of my father’s rival and sworn enemy, her fate is to be my wife.

Emma is in my world now.

It's time she makes a deal with the devil.


Have you been Aleatha'd?


Enter the dangerous and mysterious world of New Orleans in this all new full-length romantic suspense novel, DEVIL'S DEAL. For a sneak peek into their first meeting with no spoilers, check out the enticing prequel, “Fate’s Demand” available everywhere.


#enemiestolovers #arrangedmarriage #age-gap-romance #noir #dangerousromance


Rett and Emma’s intriguing story begins with DEVIL’S DEAL, book one of the Devil Series Duet, and concludes with ANGEL’S PROMISE. Don’t miss a word of this new and exciting duet. 


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Angel's Promise - book #2


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Everett Ramses came into my life like a hurricane on a dark New Orleans night. With a deep voice and penetrating gaze, his mere presence tingled my nerves and twisted my insides much like the city’s legendary stories of spirits and ghosts.

As the ruler of New Orleans, Everett Ramses lives life hard and takes what he wants without apology.

He wants me to be his queen.

I am not an unwilling capture or a damsel in distress.

No, I, Emma North, willingly fell for the man who proclaims himself the devil.

Do I follow through on the promise I made to Rett, or do I listen to my own instincts and run before it’s too late?

The future of New Orleans is now in my hands.

Have you been Aleatha'd?

#enemiestolovers #arrangedmarriage #age-gap-romance #dangerousromance

*From New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a new romantic suspense duet set in the dark and mysterious world of New Orleans. This full-length novel is the conclusion of the Devil’s Series Duet that begins with the prequel “Fate’s Demand”, continues in DEVIL’S DEAL, and concludes in ANGEL’S PROMISE.

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