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INTO THE LIGHT coming soon

Into the Light, my first thriller through Thomas and Mercer, will be released soon...on June 14, 2016!

The early reviews have been fantastic and I can't wait for everyone to enter The Light!

Exclusive excerpt:

Into the Light copyright@Aleatha Romig and Thomas and Mercer Publishing. Do not replicate or reproduce. Thank you for respecting me and my publisher.

Now...enjoy...a taste of The Light...

From Chapter 25


Jacob leaned over me, his chest flattening my breasts. With our proximity in the darkened room, I could only make out his form, his shoulders, arms, and the silhouette of his hair against some distant faint light. There were no details. Hearing his familiar voice, without seeing his unfamiliar eyes, eased my anxiety. He smoothed the hair away from my face and kissed my nose. “We both follow Father Gabriel. You aren’t the only one who must obey the rules. I can’t question why you lost those memories any more than you can question me. All I can do is hold tight to the memories I have of us, for both of us. Even though you don’t remember my face, I remember yours.” He traced under my eyes, wiping away the remnants of tears. “I remember your beautiful blue eyes, the way they open with amazement at new discoveries and the way they flutter as you come apart beneath me.” He was back to stroking my hair. “I remember the first time we made love and every time since.

“I remember the first time I saw you, the first time I heard your voice, and”—he brushed his lips against mine—“the first time I kissed you.” He scoffed, “It wasn’t supposed to happen, but I couldn’t resist. I knew you were mine from the first time I saw you, even if you didn’t.”

His memories gave me a sliver of my past. “I didn’t?”

“No, not then. You were dating someone else.”

“What? That was before we were here, right?”

“Yes, it was before everything.”

He sighed and laid his head back on his pillow. I was afraid he’d stop talking, yet more scared to ask him to continue. Thankfully, he didn’t stop, but when he resumed speaking, his voice had a faraway tone, as if he was seeing it all again.

“You were laughing, and I thought you were one of the prettiest women I’d ever seen. You have a great laugh.” He reached for my hand and intertwined our fingers. “I know this crash course in remembering how to be an Assemblyman’s wife hasn’t given you many opportunities for laughter. That’s why I want your memories to come back. Sometimes it seems like we’re back at the beginning. I want to be beyond that . . .” He was back up with his elbow beside me and his head on his hand. Looking down at me, he continued, “To where you laugh instead of cry.”

“I’m sorry.”

He touched my lips. “To where you’re not constantly apologizing.”

I kissed his finger. “I’d like that too, but you have to admit, this hasn’t been easy. I mean my eyes, leg, and ribs. I’ve just gotten my sight back. We’ve been banished, and my hair is gone.”

“I do.” He exhaled. “I admit that it’s been a rough few weeks, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

“The Light?” I asked with a smirk.

“Yes. See? It’s something everyone wants.”


A twisted tale of manipulation and forbidden passion from bestselling author Aleatha Romig.

Sara Adams awakes blind, unable to remember the most basic details of her life, but her darkness seems a blessing when she discovers the terrors of The Light.

Stella Montgomery investigates the news from the mean streets of Detroit, where she’s noticed a disturbing trend: young women are vanishing. When her best friend disappears, Stella digs for answers—despite warnings from her police detective boyfriend—following a twisted trail that leads her through the city’s most dangerous and forsaken precincts. There she uncovers something more sinister than she could have imagined: a shadowy organization known as The Light, led by the enigmatic Father Gabriel.

As Sara struggles to understand her place in the strange world she’s awakened to—an oppressive cult demanding unquestioning obedience—and her feelings for Jacob, the husband she can’t recall and whose harsh and tender attentions confuse and beguile her, Stella risks all to discover the truth. But enlightenment always comes with a price…

More reviews

"Aleatha has always been a favourite of mine and this new genre was heartstoppingly good. I highly recommend!" ~ Pepper Winters, New York Times Bestselling author

"Another awesome, twisty read from the master of suspense, Aleatha Romig! From the first page, I was captivated by this story, my heart racing as I tried to fit all the pieces together. When it all clicked, my mind was blown." ~ A.L. Jackson, New York Times Bestselling author

"Aleatha Romig’s Into the Light is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that gripped me from the first page and kept me guessing until the very end. I can’t wait for the rest of the story!" ~ J. Kenner, New York Times Bestselling author

"Into the Light is the ultimate mind f*#k! Aleatha Romig spins a story with so many twists and turns and an ending that left me breathless and my heart racing." ~Rebecca Shea, USA Today bestselling author

"A riveting psychological suspense that deeply draws you into its tangled web. Thriller readers shouldn't miss this chilling tale of deception." ~Vilma's Book Blog

“Intriguing and chilling by turn, INTO THE LIGHT is an intricately woven suspense that will leave Romig’s readers begging for more!” ~ Kylie Brant, bestselling author of CHASING EVIL

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