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I'm proud and honored to introduce you to the LAUNCH of INFIDELITY WORLD!

First, may I explain what this is?

Kindle Worlds is an imprint of Amazon Publishing. This is NOT self or indie publishing. Kindle Worlds owns the rights to these stories and controls their placement (Amazon exclusive), distribution (currently US only), and price (based on word count).

This is also not new. The imprint and platform of Kindle Worlds has been around for awhile. They hold the "fanfic" licensing rights to many of your well known book series as well as TV shows and movies.

During the early summer of 2016 I was approached by Kindle Worlds to sell them the right to open a "world" based on my INFIDELITY SERIES. We came to terms (for example the outcome of my series and characters may not be altered) and signed our agreement. We decided it would be best to LAUNCH this world following the completion of my five book series.

If you haven't read my INFIDELITY is where you can learn more:

I then asked authors who I knew and knew had read my Infidelity series to participate.

I am honored that New York Times bestseller Pam Godwin, and TC Winters, Lulu Astor, Ted Persinger, Rae Riley, Donya Lynn, Jillian Jacobs, D.D. Lorenzo, and AD Ellis all agreed.

Each amazing author then wrote stand-alone stories that are in some way connected to MY series.

Their books are not a series on their own and are not interconnected. The connection of their stories is ME...MY INFIDELITY series. Infidelity World stories are all standalones, and with the exception of Sacrifice by Rae Riley, can all be read without reading my series. Just remember, they are independent of one another. For that reason there is no recommended reading order. Check out their blurbs and have fun! These range from historical fiction, to mystery, to dark romance.

On a personal note:

I LOVED my Infidelity series. I spent 13 months writing 5 full-length books. (1600+ pages, 180+ Chapters all released at a taxing and exhausting rate of 4 months apart) For over a year, I lived and breathed Charli, Nox, Adelaide, and Oren. They were in my sleeping and waking thoughts.

Finishing Fidelity, the last book of the series, was emotionally draining.

I mourned.

I worried how it would do...and because you are the most amazing readers in the world, it skyrocketed. New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller. (Yay!!)

That amazing accomplishment didn't take away from the reality that I missed my make-believe friends and enemies.

Infidelity World has brought them back. In many of these stories, my characters only make a cameo (the dark mysterious handsome man in Devoted) or are referenced (the scared red-head with a little of a southern accent) but nevertheless, they are once again ALIVE!

I read each of the NINE Infidelity World books with tears of appreciation. In each unique story the world I created and loved is revived. The fun part of this is that now my world is open, more and more books can be written, by more and more authors and readers...the platform, KINDLE WORLDS, is there for read and enjoy and to write.

Now, with that preface, I am excited to announce the LAUNCH of INFIDELITY WORLD and introduce you to the first NINE stories. I hope you, too, will enjoy reentering my world.

May I introduce....

Happy reading!!!

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