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Calling all my SPARROW lovers!

I have a surprise!

Who wants to go back to the glass tower?

How about a new story from the POV of our king and queen? AND it's FREE!!!

VOWS - A Web of Sin novella

Told by our King and Queen - Sterling and Araneae four years post DAWN (the final book of the 4 trilogies) - YES you can read VOWS even if you haven't met the Sparrows.


Years ago, Sterling Sparrow offered me the secrets to remove the invisible veil of secrets and lies surrounding my life, a veil that I didn’t realize existed. In doing so, he promised that I was his and he was mine. There was never any doubt. As he said, my body knew even before my mind was ready to accept. My body and mind accepted. Time passed. Through the years, our world has been rocked with assaults on every front. That is the way it is when you are a part of the top crime organization in Chicago. My husband controls the city. His best friends are his trusted inner circle. Their wives are our friends and family. We are all family. Once again, outside forces try to infiltrate what is ours, to take away our most precious belongings—trust and security. As enemies from the past and new accomplices materialize, we must do what we’ve done before… Remember our vows and stay strong. Will we stay safe beneath the Sparrows’ wings or is the life we love in jeopardy? Have you been Aleatha’d?

From the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today best-selling author, comes VOWS, an exclusive Web of Sin novella that will introduce new readers to the mystery, love, and intrigue in Chicago’s skyline. For those who already love the Sparrows, enjoy this dangerous and heartfelt get-together. Take a peek into how the world is treating the Sparrows.

***** Get your copy today (scroll and check out all the NEW material stories)


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