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It all started with a stolen kiss

"Will you go with me to a ball?" is the last question Lorna expects to hear from her overprotective brother. It's also an offer she can't refuse.

Fall in love in this modern Cinderella story as Mason transforms Lorna's life into a fairy tale, and she comes lip to lip with her Prince Charming.

Are you excited for Reid and Lorna's story?

Begin with their beginning in this modern-day Cinderella story.

This takes place six years before book #1 SECRETS.

So if you haven't started the Sparrow Web series, WEB of SIN, TANGLED WEB, WEB of's all right.

Danger's First Kiss shows us where it all began!

Get your copy of DANGER'S FIRST KISS today for FREE:

And be ready for DANGEROUS WEB. DUSK coming November 24.


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