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Are you ready for an escape from life...something to take you away?

ONE NIGHT - another of Aleatha's "lighter ones" is available everywhere!

Here's what others are saying about ONE NIGHT...

“When Ms. Romig goes dark, she goes DARK, and when she goes light, she gives us beautiful, sexy, and sweet stories like ONE NIGHT - where we can laugh, cry, and blush from head to toe. If this love story does anything for you, it will bring forth so many emotions that you won't see coming.” ~ Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads

“When you finish a romance, one you CONSUMED in one night, and are still GLOWING and GIDDY like a school girl with her first crush, you know it's a super star of a story. ONE NIGHT by Aleatha Romig delivers a dual dose of HEAT and HEART, a HEADY HIT felt everywhere!!!” ~ Bookalicious Babes Blog

“Well what can I say except this book is a complete drama free breath of fresh air. Aleatha Romig has came into the light from her darker side of fiction. This is such a sweet and light love story that makes for smooth and easy reading. I just could not get enough!” ~ Romance Readers Retreat

On all sales channels!

And soon you will swoon, smile, and maybe shed a tear.... ONE NIGHT!!

"One Night doesn't end with a kiss - it begins with one!"


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