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Are you ready to be Aleatha'd again?

UNEXPECTED, a sexy new story is coming your way on August 28, 2018, with a special pre-order price and an exclusive bonus prologue from Aleatha's future trilogy. It's time to share the amazing cover by Dana Leah Designs by Dana...

Drum roll....



What will happen... when Jenn learns the truth that has been brewing deep inside me?

...when she learns my desires have been restrained?

...when containing them is no longer possible?

Will she flee when there’s no place to run?

Traveling to the isolation of a tropical island, we agree to lay our marriage and our future on the line. It’s the only way to face the demons—my demons—that threaten our life together.

For us to make our marriage work, we must break down barriers, reveal the hidden places, and shine light where darkness has taken root.

This reprieve from life is meant to be about us, our marriage, and our future.

It is...until the unexpected happens...

Will our marriage survive? Will we?

This suspenseful, steamy stand-alone novella follows Paul and Jenn Masters, characters previously introduced in the novella UNCONVENTIONAL. This quick, spicy story may be read completely on its own or even before UNCONVENTIONAL.

If you enjoy a fast and furious, heart-thundering ride that leaves you breathless and perhaps a bit hot and bothered, check out New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig’s THE VAULT novellas: UNCONVENTIONAL and UNEXPECTED.

Have you been Aleatha’d?

*UNEXPECTED contains the never before seen Prologue of SECRETS, book 1 of WEB of SIN, Aleatha's new dark romance trilogy with an all new anti-hero alpha coming fall of 2018.

** Don't miss this great price.

***Pre-order TODAY for ONLY $0.99 - price will revert to the full permanent price of $2.99 on release day.

****The ebook and print book both contain the Prologue to Secrets, book one of Aleatha's NEW dark romance trilogy with an all new anti-hero alpha (Think Tony with Nox's dirty talking) coming fall of 2018.


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