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ONE KISS - Cover Reveal

It's summer time and that means Aleatha's Lighter Ones are back!!!

Coming July 20, 2023 ONE KISS!

*A small-town, best-friend's-sister, age-gap, grumpy, sunshine, contemporary stand-alone

Confirmed bachelor—that’s what I’ve become. Life is safe and predictable. After all, Riverbend doesn’t exactly have a roaring social life or an influx of women looking to be the wife of a farmer. Hold on. I’m not looking for a wife—or even a girlfriend. When my best friend tells me that his little sister, Devan, is moving back to Riverbend to teach science, I envision the little girl with pigtails, freckles, and an annoying urge to be wherever her older brother was. Of course, that was twelve years ago when she was ten years old. Newsflash. Devan is no longer a child. Imagine my shock when I learn that she is the woman who disappeared after one passionate kiss—one I couldn’t get out of my head. Once I realize Devan is my mystery woman, I can’t walk away. The problem is that she’s my best friend’s little sister, ten years younger than I am, and definitely off-limits. What will it mean for my friendship if I pursue my feelings? Can one kiss change everything? Have you been Aleatha’d?

**Cover design by Letitia Hasser - RBD - Romantic Book Designs

PRE-ORDER on all platforms:

July 20, ONE KISS ebook will be exclusive to Kindle and FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited


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