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ONE STRING is causing fireworks!

“ONE STRING is about second chances, friendship, communication and honesty. About how we can make things better for ourselves just by being the type of person that we ourselves can respect and the rest will fall into place. I loved the characters in this book, and I love this lighter side of the author.” ~ Cheryl Carpenter, 5-star review

The temperature is getting warmer and that means it's time for a new Aleatha's 'Lighter Ones.' ONE STRING is HERE!!!

Second-chance, enemies-to-lovers, fake-date, little-sister’s-best-friend, forbidden, stand-alone contemporary romance.


Audible: Coming


Ricky Dunn is the equivalent of a splinter under my fingernail.



He’s the older brother of my best friend, and no matter how hard either of us tries, we can’t seem to avoid each other. The problem started on the night my best friend and I graduated from high school. The party was joyous, a celebration.

That night, I willingly gave Ricky a part of me—more than the kiss we told others about.

Our deal was simple.

No strings.

Ricky kept his side of the bargain.

Years have passed.

Being from the same small town and crossing paths, I haven’t noticed how handsome he’s become or the way he’s filled out.

If you ask me, he hasn’t noticed me either.

Until he calls.

I’m working for a finance company, one he’s now interviewing for.

“Marilyn, will you be my date for the dinner with the partners? It’s only for one date and no strings.”

The problem is my heart hasn’t kept my side of our bargain.

I want at least one string.

Do I agree to his proposal, or do I turn him down flat?


Have you been Aleatha’d?


Check out Aleatha’s 2024 Lighter One—ONE STRING—enemies-to-lovers, fake-date, little-sister’s-best-friend, second-chance, forbidden, stand-alone contemporary romance.


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