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Cunning Excerpt

(Copyright 2015 by Aleatha not reproduce)


Defiantly, I stared up into Nox's eyes. The cold glacier blue of this afternoon was gone. Navy swirled in their depths. I was playing with fire, and I knew it. However, the longer we stood, our lips a whisper apart, his warm breath skirting my cheeks, and our hearts beating erratically against one another's, I didn't care if I got burned. No, I wanted to be burned.

"Your caveman routine is getting old. Unhand me. Now."

His nostrils flared as the tendons in his neck flexed. Nox was a bull ready to charge and in the dress I purchased, I was the red cape. From the cyclone in his eyes to the force of his grip upon my arm, I watched the millions of thoughts swirling through his mind, thoughts that should scare me, but they didn't. I was mad and hurt by his words. I wasn't letting him off the hook that easily.

"What the f*** were you doing down there? You're mine." The last part came as a low, menacing whisper that reverberated through the elevator.

His declaration was both fire and ice, sending a chill down my spine while striking a match to the fire deep inside. Taking a step closer, his hard body pressed against mine to pin me to the wall, his chest flattening my breasts and his erection pushing against my tummy. Without warning his lips captured mine, their warmth setting my insides ablaze as our tongues battled. Tenderness was forgotten as he unapologetically took what he claimed to be his.

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