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Today I'm excited to welcome 7 more titles as well as new authors into my Kindle World, The Fidelity World...a world based upon my INFIDELITY SERIES!

(My series is complete: Betrayal, Cunning, Deception, Entrapment, Fidelity, and Respect - for more info including book one, Betrayal FREE check out my website )

The Kindle World - THE FIDELITY WORLD now has 32 different stories written by talented authors! These stories are all connected t MY series, but not to one another and may be read in any order!

Come party with us today, April 24, 2018 beginning at NOON, in The Fidelity World Facebook group to learn more! If you miss the party...please join us to learn more about the new authors and titles in our Kindle World.

Here are the new stories and their links. Kindle World stories are published through Amazon publishing and only available on Kindle, which can be accessed by an ap on any device. The Fidelity World stories are also on Kindle if you have KU, you can read them for FREE!

The newest Fidelity World books are LIVE!

Exfiltration by Jillian Anselmi

Invictus by Kylie Hillman, Author *Link coming soon*

Liar by LeTeisha Newton

Retribution by Andrea Bills

Scorched by Casey Hagen

Shakedown by Jen Talty Author

Unwilling by Author LK Collins

As I said, this isn't all...there are 25 OTHER stories. Check them all out on my website:

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