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The reviews have spoken: SECRETS is a hit!

The reviews say it all...YOU NEED Aleatha Romig's new dark romance in your life, on your ereader, in your dreams!

What others are saying about SECRETS:

The Read Report: "This side of Aleatha is my ultimate indulgence and SECRETS fulfilled my every hope and dream and desire."

Read Love Blog: "Aleatha does it again!!! Another blazing start to what is sure to be one hell of a great series."

The Heathers Blog: "It's all consuming, witty, and scandalous - top ten this year for sure."

My Girlfriend's Couch: "This is the perfect start to this newest trilogy. Leave it to Ms. Romig to have me clamoring for more the minute this book ended...."

We Licked That Book Blog: " Wowl!! Has to be on of my top 5 favorite books for this year."

Don't miss your copy today!


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Pre-order LIES coming December 4 and PROMISES coming January 8 today


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