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"Aleatha is back and better than ever. Secrets is captivating, grabbing you right from the start. The chemistry between Sterling and Araneae is instant and oh so hot! Sterling is a bad ass alpha male and Araneae is so fierce and strong willed." ***** Goodreads review

NOW is the time to get caught in Aleatha's webs... SECRETS is currently on #sale for ONLY 99c!

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I lifted my palm to his chest. The gesture was meant to stop his forward progress, but it did more than that. Beneath my touch and despite his calm, calculating demeanor, his heart too was racing. Leaving my hand pressed against his solid chest, I tilted my face up to his. “Tell me who you are.”

“I’ll do better than that.”

My hand dropped. “What’s better than that?”

“I will tell you who you are.”

Begin SECRETS today!

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