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I have SECRETS...and it's FREE

SECRETS is free for the first time ever! And it happened a bit quicker than I planned. That's great news for you!

Have you jumped into the Sparrow Webs? Have you met Sterling Sparrow?

If you haven't... I have exciting news for you!

Screaming from the rooftops... "SECRETS, book 1 of Web of Sin is FREE, for the 1st time EVER!"

Grab your copy today and please tell your friends to grab theirs...well, only if they love dark romance, an arrogant and possessive alpha, a dark underworld full of mystery, and of course a heroine who is the only one to put our sexy alpha in his place.

Sterling and Araneae's story is waiting for you and the Web of Sin is complete. So as the arctic chill begins, let Sterling Sparrow keep you warm!

FREE at these retailers:

Apple Books:

Amazon US:

*Amazon Universal:



Google Play:

*Not all countries have reduced to free, please be patient

Also available on these retailers, not free:

US Print:


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