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FLAME - coming in 2 weeks

What matters most is how you walk through the fire.” ~ Charles Bukowski

#Patricksstory continues in FLAME...coming in ONLY 2 weeks!

Angsty and Suspenseful - WEB of DESIRE is on 🔥

Pre-order FLAME and be ready for the combustible continuation of Patrick and Madeline's story - coming February 25:

What others are saying...

"Story of second chance romance wrapped in the intense intrigue of the underworld, Spark made me sit on the edge the whole ride, only to left gasping in the end. It's intensity.

The angst from Patrick and Maddie.

The steamy scenes.

The intricate web.

With every book I read from Aleatha, I'm still amazed at how she captures her readers in the intricate web of lies, mystery, and passion, all rolling together perfectly.” ~ R. Reis, Goodreads Review

IF you haven't started Web of Desire, get caught today with SPARK, now available:

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