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Are you ready for your next book hangover?

Dive into SILVER LINING today. Immerse yourself in the twists, turns, intrigue, mystery, and oh so steamy romance! This stand-alone romantic suspense novel is LIVE and ready for you to devour today! Stay up all night with swoony CJ and strong as nails Lena.

You won't regret it.

Are you looking for a book that checks all the boxes? SILVER LINING is it!

Sizzling chemistry ✔

Reverse age-gap ✔

Billionaire Heroine✔

High angst ✔

Romantic suspense ✔

Stand-alone ✔

“SILVER LINING is sexy and sensual. Sizzling hot and burning up the pages. Lena has met her match in CJ and he in hers and the age difference wasn’t even something I thought about while I was reading because they are the perfect match.” ~ Hanan, Goodreads review

Available in ebook - all retailers, print, and audio


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