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RESILIENT REIGN, book two Royal Reflections, is coming in only TWO weeks

Are you ready for book two of Aleatha Romig's forbidden royal romance series?

Book two, RESILIENT REIGN is coming in just TWO WEEKS!

Start RUTHLESS REIGN, book one, today.

Be ready for RESILIENT REIGN, book two. Pre-order today.

What readers are saying about RESILIENT REIGN:

"I love the dynamic happening between Lucille and Roman. This series is so not what I expected of a royals story, and I am loving it! Book one ended with the best twist ever and they just keep coming. So many secrets, lies, deceit." ~ Melanie Cesa, 5-star Goodreads review

"Once again, (with exuberant joy, I might add) I find myself in the midst of Aleatha’s royal world. A world that is not her normal trek in intrigue. It’s royalty and commoners. Real and fake. Lies and truth. Impersonations and masquerades. As she pushes us further into the life of Lucille and Roman she continues to spin us on a merry-go-round of who’s who and what’s what! To show that royal life is not always glitz and glamor, crowns and jewels, and no one truly knows the depth of royal deceit. For heavy is the head that wears the crown. And heavier is the crown that's been Aleatha’d!" ~ A Book A Day Blog, 5-star Bookbub Review


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